Saturday, April 16, 2011


Welcome to The Damascus Citizen Coalition Blog, we hope that you will visit often and find it to be your site of choice for the most accurate and unbiased information regarding the activities in our community. The goal of our group is to encourage fact based discussion and the sharing of ideas, comments and concerns. There is a great divide here in Damascus and it is continuing to grow. We have two groups who seem to have little interest in working together for the betterment of our community. Their message often includes misinformation and scare tactics in order to get you to come to agreement with their "side" We are not a "side", we are a Coalition! We are Damascan's! We believe that we have far more in common than either "side" seems to realize. We believe that as citizens, we have a pretty good idea what we do not want Damascus to become. Together let us discuss these issues with fact based information and calm, sensible reasoning. With that power, we can truly create change and direct city policy that will build a Damascus for the future that is in alignment with our citizen crafted Core Values. While at the same time, respect the Damascan's who are here now! We want to ensure the quality of life that we moved here for and that ensure neither "side" can or will direct our city policy or council with their own interest and agendas. Welcome, we look forward to hearing from you and starting constructive dialogue with fact based answers.


  1. It's tough to watch good people who mean well, people whom I enjoy calling my friends in fact, on BOTH sides of Damascus issues, disrespect each other's ideas, not really listen to opposing viewpoints carefully, and talk bad about each other.

    I hope this becomes exactly what you said, a place for "fact based information and calm, sensible reasoning".

    Thank you for the effort.

  2. Thanks Kenton, you are correct in that they are good people. Unfortunately, even good people can become myopic to fact when they think they are right and refuse to listen to opposing views. Thus they result to misreprestations to make their side more "tolerable" than the other.

    We are committed to answering questions with facts and not judgments. We will not pick "sides" as there is one "side" and that is Damascus.

    We will continue to strive to pull people into a respectfull discussion that will begin from a position of where there is agreement. We will then migrate out into positions where there are still questions by the "sides" and then to where there is strong disagreement and through fact based answers, work to at least get them to listen. We will not be deterred from our mission and will not continue to allow the bulk of our citizens to be drug into the chasm that is between the "sides".